March bulletin

Restoration this month has included ..


Removal of the Crankshaft  from the reconditioned Lister diesel engine


which required loosening and removal of the Flywheel Retaining Nut#.

IMG_3964        IMG_3975


The final shaping,  preservation treatment and securing of the replacement plank on the starboard bow.

  IMG_3966   IMG_3979

  IMG_4040   IMG_4038

RIB removal and replacement.

In this section, a more detailed explanation of how the rib removal and replacement is given.

Removal of timbers is done so in a manner which creates as little damage as possible to the timbers to which they are attached.

Laid on top of the ribs are the stringers which run the full length of the hull.


The stringers are removed as needed.



The damaged ribs are removed in a sequence which creates as little stress as possible, eg. adjacent damaged ribs are not removed at the same time.

IMG_4726      IMG_3931

After the copper nails are removed, each nail hole is filled with 2 part epoxy.

IMG_3945   IMG_3938

Once dried, both external and internal surfaces are sanded.

IMG_3896    IMG_3776

The replacement ribs have been milled, cut, and planed previously.



They are steamed for up to 45minutes to allow for bending to follow the profile of the hull.

IMG_3800   IMG_3885

The first to be replaced were 3 ‘sister’ or ‘twinning’ ribs.    IMG_3841

These are laid next to the full ribs (which run gunnel to gunnel) and are needed for hull rigidity below the engine bearers.

Once slid and held in place, 6cm long copper nails are driven from the underside of the plank while pressure, using body weight and/or a metal stopper is needed to keep timbers flush.

IMG_3899    IMG_3831

When all nails are in, they are cut to about 2cm length and then bent and hammered over into the timber.

This last action requires a weight against each nail head on the other side of the plank.

IMG_3858    IMG_3865   IMG_3866   IMG_3867


#A big thank you from the Cresters to ‘Wandy Bus & Autos’ on the Princess Highway at Wandandian where Wayne applied the impulse driver to loosen the flywheel retaining nut.