July 2016 Bulletin

Restoration activity on the CREST over the last 6 weeks has included



A significant event – the first replacement stringer now in place.   

A brief description of the steps  …

This stringer is one of 2 full-length 8.4metre 65 x 28 stringers on the starboard side, it required roving at each of the 40 ribs (frames) and the scarfing of 2 sections:-

The first section (at the bow) is held in place while holes, drilled  from the outside, go through the plank, the rib and the timber of the new stringer.

IMG_4929  IMG_4936.jpeg

Then a 2.5inch long copper nail is tapped through.

IMG_4977.jpeg    Frame-13-07-2016-07-39-48.jpeg

Photo below shows rove, a square-shanked copper nail and the ss rove-punch.


The rove-punch is used to tap the rove down the shaft of the nail until the rove is gripping the stringer’s surface.



The protruding nail shaft is then cut-off, 

before the small-roundhead hammer, using rapid tapping,  is used to shape the cut-nail shaft around the top of the rove.


  At the plank’s outside surface, a nailhead sized counterweight applies pressure while the rapid tapping happens. 


For the aft length of the replacement stringer, epoxy glue is applied to the .5metre long scarfing (overlap) section,

IMG_4960.jpeg     IMG_4961.jpeg

before this second length goes through the holding, drilling, nailing and roving process.

IMG_4973.jpeg     IMG_4981.jpeg

Photos below show the new stringer – viewed looking to the bow and to the stern.

    IMG_4990      IMG_4984



The system relief-valve has been refurbished and installed  …


… as have the tappet rockers and …


… the exhaust manifold.


Refurbished oil strainer in-situ in sump.




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